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Hydrus disinfectant liquid is available in multiple products to suit your individual disinfection needs. Should you require any further information please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help advice the best products to enhance your disinfection practice.

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About hydrus

Here’s a little bit of information on the “chlorine smell” and what it actually means…

With the stronger smell of combined chlorine, this means that more bacteria have reacted and been killed. The stronger the smell, the dirtier a surface would have been in the first place. 

For example, a healthy chlorinated pool can emit a light chemical odour, especially if it is an indoor pool and one with less than ideal ventilation. The stronger the smell of chlorine, the more bacteria the chemical has eliminated, thus being dirtier before treatment took place.

Hydrus in its purest form is odourless, the odour/bleach smell only generates when the liquid comes into contact with germs/bacteria/proteins, generally any filth.  

This causes the reaction and creates combined chlorine. The liquid reacts with proteins and organic matter. Once you smell the “chlorine” smell, you know the reaction has been made and the surface/area is clean.