Can be used as both a hand and surface sanitiser. Hydrus is a disinfectant product range that has a unique method of manufacture, delivering stable, high efficacious products with reduced contact times combined with extremely low dose rates. The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered how we will live our lives. Awareness of emerging pathogens, awareness of proper hygiene, awareness of how we move amongst each other, is the new reality
Our Products

Hand and surface sanitiser

Perfect for on the go hand and surface disinfection. A handy 100ml sized sprayer bottle, easy to carry in handbags, shopping bags, cars… the list goes on. Simply spray hands or surfaces wait to air dry and you’re ready to go! 

Our Products

Atomiser sprayer

Our 300ml atomiser bottles are a fanatics option for a  quick and easy mist coverage disinfection. Great for use in smaller spaces. Simply pump sprayer handle to produce a mist of Hydrus disinfection formula. Ideal for cars, door handles, surfaces, light switches… again the list goes on.