HYDRUS is an intrinsically safe disinfectant of exceptional purity and power, produced by a proprietary electrolytic process. A broad-spectrum, fast-acting biocide, it meets or exceeds requirements as a bactericide, virucide, sporicide and fungicide, making it a first line of defence against emerging pathogens.

registered under Article 95 of the European Union Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 BPR

Extensive research, testing and investment has delivered a unique manufacturing process resulting in a stable product with high efficacy, low concentrations and reduced contact times.

The active substance (Active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite) is registered under article 95 of the European Union Biocides Products Regulations (EU528-2012)

 Hydrus surpasses all current ECA systems, delivering unparalleled safety and stability.

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Successfully tested against Corona virus EN14476

Low Concentration 

High Efficacy 



Safe on Surface

Quat Free

The Corona virus pandemic has permanently altered how we will live our lives.

 Awareness of emerging pathogens, correct hygiene practices, and how we move amongst each other in the

“new normal”

Innovation in disinfection
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