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How does HYDRUS disinfect?

HYDRUS Disinfectants are 99.99% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. When these products come into contact with microorganisms, they attack the cell wall, altering it physically, chemically, and biochemically. The metabolism of microorganisms is disrupted by the oxidation of important bacterial enzymes allowing the active ingredient – Free Chlorine- to render it harmless.  HYDRUS performs at least 30 times faster than the best household bleach, plus it is also very effective at killing viruses, all without the use of harsh chemicals.

How does HYDRUS work?

HYDRUS products are produced from salt, water, and power, commonly known as electrolysed water. During electrolysis, the liquid, not only produces a biocide, it naturally, produces Sodium Hydroxide, which acts as a highly effective de-greaser.

How effective are HYDRUS products?

EU Regulation Tests show that HYDRUS products are 99.99% effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Where can HYDRUS products be used?

Since it is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, HYDRUS Disinfectants can be used almost everywhere where disinfection or sanitisation is required. HYDRUS is really effective in kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as walls, floors, food preparation areas, schools, nurseries… the list is endless. 

Do HYDRUS products leave behind any film or residue?

HYDRUS leaves no residue, in fact it destroys biofilm and hormonal residues, then simply evaporates. We only advise that HYDRUS is not applied directly to electronic screens due to the nature of the screen surface. It will cause no harm to electronic screens, but may leave a slight residue which would simply need buffing off with a dry cloth. 


Product Ingredient Questions
Why does HYDRUS have a slight smell of bleach?

The popular misconception is that a clean swimming pool will have a strong smell of ‘bleach’, this couldn’t be further from the truth, in reality a clean swimming pool has very little smell at all . . . . . .

What is the “bleach smell” and what does it actually mean…

Hydrus in its purest form is odourless, the odour/bleach smell only generates when the liquid comes into contact with viruses/bacteria/proteins, and organics, basically filth. 

This causes the reaction and creates combined chlorine. The liquid reacts with proteins and organic matter. Once you smell the “bleach” smell, you know the reaction has been made and the surface/area is clean.

With the stronger smell of combined chlorine, this means that more bacteria have reacted and been killed.

The stronger the smell, the dirtier a surface would have been in the first place. 

What is FAC?

FAC stands for ‘Free Available Chlorine’

How is HYDRUS made?

HYDRUS products are made by passing an electric current through a solution of de-ionised water and food grade salt (Sodium Chloride), the key to the unique properties of Hydrus is the specifically chosen electrode material and the strict controls applied to the process which is part of the unique Hydrus IP. No chemicals are added in the process. All products are natural and 100% biodegradable.


Usage & Storage
What is the best place to store HDYRUS?

HDYRUS is best kept in a cool dark place (i.e. cupboard) and in its original container.

How long can I keep HYDRUS before it stops working?

If kept as recommended, HYDRUS will remain active for at least 6 months after opening, maybe even longer. Storage in a hot or open-to-the-sky place will cause Hydrus to degrade over a shorter period of time. Avoid unnecessary opening of containers.


Shipping and delivery
How do you deliver within the UK mainland?

Deliveries will by through UPS or the Royal Mail depending on weight of products ordered. Once we have received your order you will receive an email confirmation (not to be confused with a despatch notice), your goods will then be dispatched within 48 hours. Please note orders placed over the weekend will be processed on the Monday.

What if my product is damaged?

If the product is faulty or was not as ordered, you have up to 30 days to request a full refund and up to 60 days if a replacement is required or a reduced refund is requested. In this case the return postage cost will be reimbursed, however, Dew Products are only legally obliged to refund the cheapest available return cost.